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Grow in Christ, grow in leadership, grow in the Islands

This program is a 2 year hands-on journey which will challenge you to deepen your walk with God, as you disciple others in their faith.  You’ll have an epic adventure as part of our growing staff team at V2 Life.

Leadership and influence is developed in relationship with those you’re leading, not in a title or position. That’s why the Basic Leadership School (BLS) is more than sitting in a classroom, it’s dirt-under-the-fingernails action, sweaty service, and tearful compassion as well.

Photo Credit: Julian McLean
Grow in Life and Ministry

You’ll be stretched as a leader as you learn and do.

As a part of BLS training, you will have a role within the V2 Life-YWAM community, as ministry application for the things that you’re learning. You’ll be involved in one of the service ministries at our base in Teouma Valley. Later as you grow, you’ll have a chance to get involved in the DTS, and maybe another 2nd level school we run.

The Detail

This is a 2 year course of study.

You’ll spend Phase One as staff at our base, working and learning in hands-on ministry roles like farm management, hospitality or administration.

You’ll help organise and deliver short community access courses, while receiving training in topics like one-on-one discipleship, conflict resolution, sharing the Gospel, and planning/facilitating a missions outreach.

During Phase Two, you’ll apply what you’ve been learning as a leader in one of our Discipleship Training schools. You’ll walk the journey of discipleship in both a base setting, and on outreach in a cross-cultural setting.

Learn, Teach, Lead

During BLS, students work and minister alongside experienced missionary staff who will mentor them as they navigate the challenges of leadership in a unique role.

Your staff meet weekly with you to help ensure your personal growth, understanding of leadership, and application of Biblical principles for everyday.

Course Content

Our Basic Leadership School is a 2 year course offered on a rolling-start basis, which means you can begin your BLS study at the start of any month of the year, excluding October. Sign up now to get started at the end of your DTS!

Graduations happen in April and October, so those who finish early have time to have a break before returning for their graduation ceremony.

The Basic Leadership School is a 2nd level training course. The Discipleship Training School is the only pre-requisite to this course.

This is a full-time, live-in course, operating in a missionary role.

Basic Leadership Field Assignments

Field assignments in BLS can involve leading teams to remote communities, developing community access programmes, or teaching bible and evangelism in unreached people groups. This last phase of BLS challenges you with an opportunity to put all you’ve learnt into action.

Upon completion of your BLS, you will have learnt what you do best, and how your passions and skills can be applied to ministry and leadership in missions.


Completion of the Discipleship Training School and Field Assignment (IDS 701/702) or Crossroads Discipleship Training school (IDS 703/704).


Credits will be earned upon successful completion of the Basic Leadership School. These credits may be applied to a U of N degree program or transferred to other colleges and universities.