Build a School

COVID 19 closed the Vanuatu international borders in March 2020. To date, they remain closed for all except residents and citizens.

Teouma Christian Academy provides Kindergarten and Primary Education for children up to Year 6. To enable education right through to Year 13, V2 Life are expanding through addition of a new class group each year to see our eldest students through to completion of Secondary school by 2028 and cater for approximately 336 students.

To do this we need to build, and our objective is to;

  • Build a fully functional Kindergarten and Primary School before 2022
  • Build a Secondary School progressively to meet the growing needs
  • Provide self-contained housing for teachers, staff and their families
  • Provide facilities so that we can make healthy lunches for all students and staff
  • Provide vocational training facilities

Help Us Build

Our Reality: Stretching


Build the Next Classroom

Our current students are in makeshift dormitory classrooms and we now need to construct two classrooms to provide more suitable classroom space and allow us to take new enrolments.

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Our Need: Construction

Proposed Floor Plan

Build the Next Classroom

The land is paid for and the building concepts drawn. We need your help to build.

Children in our community seeking enrolment have been turned away because we have run out of classrooms. With alternative schools also declining enrolments these kids will likely go without education.

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Our Vision: Expansion

Build the Next Classroom

Beyond our immediate classroom needs there is lots to do so sign up to our mailing list on our website and stay up to date as our plans progress.

Our building program includes construction of additional classrooms and support buildings to meet our goal to operate Kindergarten to Year 13 by 2021 and cater for approximately 336 students.

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