Teouma Christian Academy

Education in Vanuatu is not compulsory, the biggest challenge in Vanuatu is access and affordability for many families.

  • 22.1% of children are not attending Kindergarten (ECCE) 1
  • 8.3% of children are not attending Primary School (Year 1-6) 1
  • 57.6% of children are not attending Secondary School (Year 7+) 1

1 Statistics from Ministry of Education and Training (MoET)

Teouma Christian Academy (TCA) aims to meet the need of the issues faced by the Teouma Valley community including;

  • Lack of accessible schools for Teouma Valley
  • Out of area schools full and not taking enrolments
  • No local secondary schools available
  • Provide affordable education with parents often unable to afford school fees

“Education is the fundamental precondition for political and economic development, democracy and social justice”

Teouma Christian Academy provides Kindergarten and Primary Education for children up to Year 7. To provide education through to Year 13, we are adding a new class group each year to see our eldest students through to completion of Secondary school by 2028 and cater for approximately 336 students.

To do this we need to build, we will;

  • Build a Secondary School progressively to meet the growing needs
  • Provide self-contained housing for teachers, staff and their families
  • Provide facilities so that we can make healthy lunches for all students and staff
  • Provide vocational training facilities
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