Teouma Christian Academy

In Vanuatu many children do not get to go to school. Those who do often only get a few years due to difficulties accessing a school or inability to pay fees.

Over the years, parents have approached us asking for a school in the area and we have responded to this need, recognizing the opportunity we have to grow, educate and empower these little ones over many years. 

Seeing an influx of people moving to our valley from other parts of the country, realising that the nearest village primary school is over an hour walk away, and the schools in town refuse enrolment because their classes are full already with children from town, V2 Life decided we should fill that gap.
We are on a great adventure with this school and only God can give us success in it.

If you think school education for children in a developing nation is important, Teouma Christian Academy is a chance to get involved.

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Take a gap year to teach in a rural Vanuatu classroom


Each year we provide support and on the job training for a ni-Vanuatu teacher. To help with this, we need kindergarten and primary teachers, and school staff.
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Put your experience and skills to work in a unique rural school context


Our enrolments are growing fast. We need help to build classrooms so we don't run out of space.
Work on a building project like no other.
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Help to provide quality education and keep fees low


Most of our students come from families with limited income, and sending children to school is a huge financial challenge.
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