Life Teams

COVID 19 closed the Vanuatu international borders in March 2020. To date, they remain closed for all except residents and citizens.

Our LIFE teams take life to those who need it the most. Carrying an evangelistic message when they go, they work on meeting practical needs, demonstrating their faith in how they help people. At the heart of our outreaches is the Hebrew concept of Shalom: a state where everything is the way God intended it to.

"...Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven."

Join a Team
Each year we run remote community outreaches consisting of our staff and interested volunteers, whether local or from overseas.

Often sailing on a partner yacht to one of Vanuatu's remote communities, these short outreaches can include lots of different activities. Ranging from community development projects (clean water, healthcare, construction) all the way to  Random Acts of Kindness, teams serve people in ways which express Jesus' love.

The cost for a 10 day trip starts at $700USD per person, all inclusive.

Bring a Team
Yes, we love to host outreach teams, whether mission adventures, churches, schools or YWAM teams. We especially encourage outreach teams from second level YWAM schools to consider working with us.

If you are considering sending an outreach team to stay and work with us, please keep in mind that we prefer to know at least 3 months ahead of your arrival in Vanuatu in order for us to set up a successful outreach for your team.

Costs start at $30USD per person per day, all inclusive.