Life Teams

Receiving life is one thing; giving life is a whole different story. As Christians we freely receive real life from God and we are called to freely give life to others.

Our LIFE TEAMS do exactly that, they go and give life to those who need it the most. While our teams always carry an evangelistic message when they go, they work on meeting practical needs; they show their faith in how they help people. Biblical Salvation is a holistic concept parallel to the Hebrew concept of Shalom describing a state where everything is the way God intended it to be. Therefore, at the heart of our outreaches we consider a holistic approach to both community development and the proclaiming of the Gospel.

Sometimes our teams consist of our staff and volunteers, sometimes they are teams coming from overseas. The spectrum of work goes from strategic community development projects (clean water, healthcare, construction) all the way to what’s sometimes called ‘Acts of Random Kindness’ where the teams go and serve people in any way possible – cleaning houses, gardening, shopping, doing laundry, etc. Yes, we do host YWAM outreach teams and this is where they fit in. We encourage especially outreach teams from second level schools to consider working with us.

If you are considering sending an outreach team to stay and work with us, please keep in mind that we need to know at least 3 months ahead of your arrival in Vanuatu in order for us to set up a successful outreach for your team.