Port Vila is a fast growing town and the city is growing towards Teouma Valley. About 20 minutes drive outside town, the area is largely undeveloped bush and developing quickly. With a lot of people are settling in this very fertile valley it will soon become a very busy market gardening feeder for Port Vila.

Our base began on a large 4+ acre property, with our first staff moving onsite in 2012. Following a few years of exciting growth, we lost 9 out of 12 buildings during cyclone Pam in March 2015. This gave us pause to reconsider how we build, and we have been rebuilding with stronger buildings and better infrastructure. We're taking care to hold some land in reserve to use for growing our own food and different agriculture and technology projects/training.

Our kindergarten began because of local demand, beginning as an informal children's club before moving into the permanent concrete building in February 2016. In 2019, Teouma Christian Academy opened it's doors for students up to Grade/Year 4. Over the next 8 years we need to add one classroom a year in order to fully establish our school.