Port Vila is a fast growing town and there really are only two ways in which the city can grow. Out towards Teouma Valley is one of them and that is where we have been very fortunate to acquire a large 4+ acre property. Right now it is about 15 minutes drive outside town but soon it will be just on the outskirts. A lot of people are settling in this very fertile valley and likely it will soon become a major development of Port Vila.

Our training center which we only just started to develop since 2012, lost 9 out of 12 buildings during cyclone Pam in March 2015. During the past year we have been rebuilding our center with stronger buildings and better infrastructure, but still have less accommodation than before the storm.

Our kindergarten moved into the permanent concrete building in February 2016. Over the next 8 years we have to add one classroom a year in order to fully establish the primary school.

Much of our land is still undeveloped bush, some of it we will develop in the future but a big part we want to use for growing our own food and different agriculture and technology projects/training.