We are about growing life: we believe that sustainable change happens when we eat well, love well and get our hands dirty with a bit of hard work.

In the past our farm has featured pigs, goats and ducks, and currently includes chickens, vegetables and rosella crops. More than simply providing food for our students and staff, we use our farm to teach work skills in horticulture, agriculture and small animal care.

In coming years, we plan to grow pigs, possibly goats, a small fish farm, handicraft and arts. Whenever we have extra product, whether eggs, vegetables or jam, we make them available for sale to help cover ongoing development costs. In this way, the farm is on the way to being self-funding as it grows.

Our farm is a great opportunity to introduce and test models and systems for grassroots improvement of livelihood and health. We're always keen to have new trainees join us who will return to their communities to share what they've learnt with their families and communities.

If you're a mature Christian with some experience or interest in one of the aspects of our farm, and you want to disciple and train young people, consider joining our farm staff team.

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