Terms and Conditions

Donations made to the V2 Life Association, through the online platform v2life.org are governed by the following rules.

  1. The V2 Life Association is a charitable association registered in Vanuatu with the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC)(registration 36813). The association is a member of the Vanuatu Association of Non-Government Organisations (VANGO) and is a registered education authority with the Vanuatu Ministry of Education and Training.
  2. Donors may express their wishes to support a particular project or volunteering expenses incurred by a staff member. The V2 Life Association will take into account the donor’s wishes when distributing the funds, but it is noted that V2 Life receives the donation in its own right and has unfettered discretion in deciding whether or not to apply the donation in accordance with the preference expressed by the giver.
  3. V2 Life considers the support of its volunteer staff essential to its ongoing operations and will actively look for ways to support these staff members.
  4. Donations made to V2 Life are non refundable.
  5. Donated funds are governed by V2 Life’s AMLCTF Policy and Procedure, and at all times must be applied to the objects of the association, as laid out in the Articles of Association and copied below for convenience:

    The objects of the association are:

(a) to promote Biblical values and their practical application in everyday life;

(b) to help and counsel young people, who have recognized their struggle in certain areas of life and are seeking the offered help and counsel, to break their bad habits and form healthy ones;

(c) to train and prepare young people for roles of service and influence in all areas of society;

(d) to train, equip and mobilise young people, both locally and internationally, in pursuance of these objects;

(e) to provide, maintain and manage infrastructure in the form of assets and knowledge to its members as well as to partner organizations, in order for them to run programs in pursuance of these objects;

(f) to serve the government, businesses, churches and other NGO’s of Vanuatu as is consistent with these objects;

(g) to function as a non-profit organisation, applying the income and property of the association solely towards the promotion of the above objects, so that no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred to the members of the association either directly or indirectly except as otherwise may be consistent with the above objects;

(h) for the furtherance of the purposes aforesaid, to operate any business, including accredited training, and do all other such things as may be conducive or incidental to such objects.

  1. Where concerns arise regarding the administration of donated funds, these concerns should be directed to the chairman of the board: [email protected]